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Bridal details are one of my favorite things to photograph. I get to be creative with layouts, props, and all the little things that mean something special to you and that you wanted with you on your wedding day. These are the pretty editorial looking images that capture things like a piece of your history, […]




Getting ready photos are typically the ones you want some of but aren’t top priority on your list of MUST have Shots. That said some of the most honest candid of uncontrollable laughs, and joyful tears are captured leading up to the day’s main events. As a wedding photographer I love this time because guards are […]



First looks are arguably the most special part of the day, (maybe after your actual vows).  It’s such a sweet, intimate moment with just you and your fiancé — which is one reason why we did one, you don’t get that time alone when you see each other in a traditional, walk down the aisle, […]



I absolutely adored shooting this sweet couple’s downtown engagement photos in Auburn! Being in historic college towns always warms my heart. They’re beautiful and old, but still somehow new for each freshman that walks down their cobbled streets. For many of us, college is an incredible time of finding ourselves. And, if we’re lucky, our […]

Engagement Photography

August 12, 2019

Nathan and Hannah’s Auburn Engagement | Downtown Engagement Photos


I know from experience and walking my friends through it, wedding planning can be super stressful! For me, making decisions was hard because everything seemed to permanent. I knew once I picked a venue, that was it, my one wedding in this life was going to be set on that stage- forever! Which for a […]

For the Bride

March 11, 2019

What to Look For When Picking a Wedding Photographer


Juliette Chapel and Events, North Georgia Mountains Wedding Photographer, Boho, Rustic Wedding Photography by Courtney Sample Photography


December 11, 2018

Juliette Chapel and Events Wedding | North Georgia Wedding Photographer


Jones Gap State Park, South Carolina, Woodsy Engagement Photography by Courtney Sample Photography

Engagement Photography

December 7, 2018

Kyle & Hannah’s Engagement | South Carolina Engagement Photographer

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